About us

Association for Media and Civil Society Development (Udruženje za razvoj medija i civilnog društva – URMCD) is a Sarajevo based non-governmental organisation, newly founded in November 2016 by a team of experienced journalists and activists with the idea of contributing to and coordinating further developments in the fields of Media and Civil Society in the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The activities and objectives of the Association, in accord to the Statute, are:

  1. Improvement of any and all aspects of media and civil society
  2. Helping the development and accessibility of internships for young media workers
  3. Advocating for media freedom and freedom of information
  4. Helping and supporting the education of young media workers
  5. Organising seminars, workshops, conferences and debates to foster networking and develop new skills in beneficiaries of various professions.
  6. Developing and implementing projects focused on media, civil society and human rights.
  7. Exchanging experiences and information with similar Associations and other non-government organizations in the country and abroad;
  8. Publishing books, brochures, bulletins and other publications, as well as launching web-sites and radio shows in order to achieve the objectives of the Association.


The team of URMCD consists of 5 full and half-time employees, all of which have experience in multiple media and NGOs. The debut project of the association is the satirical online portal – Satro.info.


Association’s focuses:


Mission – To establish and uphold media platforms which will strengthen media freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to support citizens participation, and media and civic education of young people in the country.

Vision – A lasting standard of media freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina is achieved through informed and educated citizens and active citizens participation, both in media and other spheres of public decision making and civil society.

Media – coordinating journalistic work and media research, as well as developing new media platforms. First and foremost, all running media projects of the Association must stay stocked with content and held up to date.

Education – providing quality education to future and present media workers, youths and activists with the goal of improving media and administrative literacy, political participation and help skill development of youths and the general population.

Research – acquiring and maintaining a precise and updated picture of topics in our area of expertise through well crafted research, namely: media freedoms, media activism, civil rights, state of the youth, youth participation and knowledge in politics,  as well as communicating these results to the general public.

Partnerships and services – providing trainer, educator and coordinator services to interested parties, as well as keeping up old and developing new partnerships, local and international, within our field of work. URMCD keeps a database of available trainers and curriculums, for easy third-party access.