The Association for media and civil society development plans, organizes and executes projects in accord with its goals given by the Statute:

  1. Improving the work of the media and civil society in all aspects;
  2. Advocating for the development and implementation of projects on the topics of media, civil society and human rights;
  3. Work on developing internships with an emphasis on internships for young journalists;
  4. Advocating for freedom of the media and freedom of information;
  5. Assistance and support in professional development and further education of young journalists;
  6. Organizing all adequate education, training, seminars and similar programs tailored to civil society and its current needs.

Projects of URMCD:


Fact-checking project implemented in 2017. Fakat represented a TV show which in cooperation with the organization Raskrinkavanje and Istinomjer, did an analysis of the promises of public office holders and the disclosure of false news. This project was implemented in cooperation with the European Union and on that occasion recorded a total of six episodes.


Š ( is a dedicated satirical news portal operated by the crew of URMCD, further extended by additional journalists and correspondents.

Campaign #Sjašite

The campaign called “Sjašite” was launched together with the partner organizations Youth Resource Center Tuzla (ORC) and the Network of Activist Changes (MAP). The campaign took place in the online and ‘offline’ space and drew the public’s attention to it through various forms the absurdity of the political narrative that prevails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this campaign, 492 online […]

„Political responsibility and how to seek it“

Project realized in 2021 in order to provide political literacy to young people, to inform them about the political system of our state at the local and state level, writing and submitting civic initiatives as well as pointing out the need for this type of education and placement of content.  In this regard, three trainings were held for 46 participants […]